Friday, January 24, 2014

Accessible? Hell no!

So I have to ask. Who in the hell defines what is and isn't accessible? If you know, please by all means tweet me, email me, or something because this shit is getting ridiculous. Last time I checked, elevators are the sole means of going up or down stairs for someone like myself. So why do so many have so many damn obstacles preventing myself from accessing them? Let's are some of my favorites:
  1. An ashtray or garbage can right in front of the buttons, stopping me from being able to get close enough to the buttons.
  2. Buttons inside and out that are literally 5 feet up. The average wheelchair user height is probably closer to 4 feet tall, so I'm sure you can see the issue there.
  3. Buttons that I swear require like 5-10 pounds of pressure. Why do I have to press so damn hard?!?
But it doesn't stop with just elevators. Doors. Yeah that's right. Boring ass doors. But what looks like something mundane to you, can be the most annoying thing. First of all I think everyone, and I mean everyone, should try to navigate doors and such while sitting in a wheelchair. Holding a handle/knob while trying to open a door and keep your chair clear at the same time sucks! And what's even worse, is when you go somewhere where the door actually has one of those automatic opening buttons, and the damn button doesn't even work! Seriously?!? Yeah that makes sense.

I hope anyone reading this, if you have/own your own business, don't you want customers to patronize your business? Last time I checked, people, not just certain people, are all potential customers. So therefore everyone should be able patronize it. Therefore, it would be of benefit to make sure your place of business is accessible to all people.

Lastly, the so-called standards of accessibility need to be updated pronto. I recently communicated with a Seattle based architect, and they informed me that they believe that not a single building in this city is 100% accessible. Not one! There are parts, but none totally accessible. One of the technology capitals of the world, and not a single building could be totally maneuvered by muah? I'm a patient person but c'mon.

Well that's enough venting for now. I could go on and on, but I gotta have something to keep you entertained next time. Stay tuned, because like I've said before, you can try to find something this real somewhere else. But cripple please! It's not happening.


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