Friday, January 10, 2014

The First of Many!!

So hear me out. I've been sitting, no wheelchair pun intended, on this first blog post for a while. Being that I don't have any experience writing blogs, I was a little nervous about making a good first impression. I've spoken to large groups a bunch of times in my life, and I'm a talker by nature, but putting exactly what I want to say in written form trips me out. I mean, hook the reader in, show my true self, and then get them to want to continue following you? Totally new to me. But then again, if I'm just being honest and telling it how it is, or at least how it is to me, I'm sure I'll catch your eye.

So let me just tell you a little bit about myself and what this blog is about. To be blunt, I'm 27, Black, in a wheelchair, and I have something to say about EVERYTHING! I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. As I just stated, I do have an opinion about everything, and after a little thought, I came to the conclusion that I had to let the rest of the world know just that. Here, you'll get a peak at how I view the world, what life is like in shoes you can't technically walk in, and what I think about the random shit I see and hear from time to time. Will you agree with everything I say? Nope. Will you laugh about some things I say? Maybe. But the whole point of this blog is to get what's in my mind, out.

Now what that means is that I'll talk about my own first-hand experiences, my opinion on different topics and issues and things I see, and whatever comes to mind. So expect everything from my own driving a wheelchair under the influence, annoying accessibility issues that bug the hell out of me, getting pushed to the front of lines because I'm "special," to getting asked dumb questions like "how do I keep my shoes in such good condition?". I have no problem talking about myself, so be prepared for anything.

So for those that read this first post of many...Thanks. I'm just glad I got this first one out of the way. The rest is downhill from here. Which by the way, because of the rain here in Seattle, the hills have nearly killed me twice! This is just the beginning, and stay tuned for more randomness. Because do you think you can find this anywhere else? Cripple Please!

- Jonathan P.



  1. Couldn't have said it better myself! Great first post!!

  2. Awesome post Porter you got a life long reader good job!!!! Crazy ass lol

  3. Oh gawd you have a blog!?

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