Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Original MacGyver Had To Be Cripple!

Now just as a refresher, MacGyver was a TV show that ran from 1985 to 1992 about a secret agent who basically solved complex problems in the field using everyday items like duct tape, paper clips, his trust worthy Swiss Army knife, and other items. So yeah, based on who he is and what he did, the original MacGyver had to be cripple in my opinion. Here's a test. When you think of a piece of bamboo, a wall hook, some glue, and sand paper, what do you think of? OK. Time's up. Anything? Well I think of something I made about a year and a half ago that I use around the house to do everything from reach coffee mugs, grab stuff out of cabinets, clean up, and much more. If I add a lanyard into the equation, I have the device I've used about a dozen times to pick up my cell phone and even heavier items off of the floor. In a nutshell, I've come up with a bunch of thrown together contraptions to aid myself in my day to day life.

Now let me just say that I think all people are resourceful in their own way. And I guess being cripple myself, I am somewhat biased. But I'm convinced that individuals like myself are the most resourceful people there out here. My reason for this is quite simple. When you're not physically capable of doing certain shit, you gotta build/create something to do it. In reality, any time someone is repeatedly in situations or environments that they have to adapt to, they eventually adapt. It's just that people in similar walks of life, pun intended, have to adapt all the time. Therefore, we're constantly solving complex problems of our own using ordinary means to solve them. So I don't think that people in my position are somehow able to access a higher percentage of the human brain. However, we are forced into having a unique perspective on things and therefore are able to solve problems in creative ways. Whether it's wedging my wheels in between doors to then swing them open, or constructing tools and gadgets to carry or hook things to my chair, I've had to be creative to function at the highest levels in this inaccessible world. Plus, to accomplish things that so many take for granted, I need the added help my contraptions offer.

So the next time you just happen to stumble upon an episode of MacGyver, which I can't even remember seeing in even the past 10 years, remember what I said. I'm pretty sure the original MacGyver either couldn't walk, hear, see, or was differently-abled in some other way. You think he came up with all those ingenious solutions without the need to overcome challenges in his daily life? Cripple Please!


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