Monday, January 25, 2016

I'm Driving In The Rain

If you didn't know based on some of my previous posts, I live in Seattle. So this post is about a part of my life that, quite frankly, comes as second nature. Of the 365 days in a year, Seattle has a measurable amount of rain on average 155 of those days. I know a lot of people have this image in their head that we have rain every single day, but still, 155 days is a lot of damn rain, and even I, though I'm totally used to it, grow weary of it. Just the other day I had to travel through it, and as I proceeded to get drenched, I thought to myself, "yeah, I definitely need to share this with my readers." So that's what I'm doing.

Now just like everyone else experiences, when it rains, I get wet. But this is compounded when you're in a wheelchair. Let me explain. When one is standing, the surface that's getting rained on is way smaller than when you're sitting. It's just basic physics, but it can really be a pain in the ass for people like myself. It's especially annoying in my opinion, because it means my shoes get rained on constantly, and from all angles. That's right. I'm complaining about my shoes getting wet. Those that know me know how I feel about my babies, so that's an issue I, and others that may or may not love their shoes as much as I do, have to deal with. When you're walking, your standing above your shoes, which shields them to an extent, and they're being shielded some as you swing them with each step. Now sure, I don't have to walk through puddles, which would devastate me, but you catch my drift. Also, when you travel as fast as I do (I don't get tired obviously so why go slow?), it increases the amount of water I get pegged by. So even when I wear a jacket, my entire lap, legs, and shoes are still going to get drenched regardless. Aww, the life of a wheelchair whipping Seattlite. The only real solution is to wear a poncho, but call me vain if you want to, but I'll pass. Unless it's a damn monsoon of course, but if gets that bad, I'm only going out in it if it's a life or death situation. Not actual life or death, but you know what I mean.

So in a nutshell, being in the rain sucks, and being in the rain while being in a wheelchair can suck even worse. I'm going to need the Myth Busters to come up with some type of electric umbrella thing. Or maybe Xzibit is still pimping rides somewhere. Or I guess I could just put my MacGyver hat back on and hack something together. Either way, would I ever let the rain slow me down? Cripple Please!


  1. Thanks for sharing JP...I remember that HH night at South Center when it was pouring cat and dogs. My last sighting of you was across the street going faster than I thought that wheelchair could go. You must have been soaked by the time you got home.

    1. I do a decent job of staying sheltered when I can, but I think I did get quite wet that night. But look, I lived to tell about it and moments like it!

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  3. Well wheeling around is one thing. However, I ride a wheelchair trike. I wear a helmet and a top quality jacket and jeans. Now all is OK when it's raining before I leave. I can just sit it out. But when I'm going along the road at high speed, I can run into rain. Then I have to say to myself, "Self, what do I do. Do I stop and put on some wet weather leggings or continue?" - Well 'self' is usually slow on making his mind up and by the time I've got an answer one of two things will have happened - 1. I will have run out of the rain or 2. I'll be too wet and putting wet weather leggings on is now a waste of time. If only 'self' could make up his mind quicker, I'd be fine.

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